Luke white

Luke White (c1740-1824) is perhaps the most colourful of the group. A man of considerable wealth he may have been, like the LaTouche family, of Huguenot extraction. The origins of his wealth was the source of much speculation with the Countess of Hardwicke, wife of the Lord Lieutenant gossiping that he began his career as a street newspaper seller. He was definitely a bookseller and was involved in property speculation in Dublin. In 1785 he invested £2000 in Bank of Ireland stock which he sold for £9350 in 1788. In 1797 his overall wealth was estimated at £500,000.

In the 1808 list of subscribers his address was Gardiners Row and he was also one of the largest subscribers in that year.    

He owned Luttrellstown Castle and during the 1798 rebellion loaned the government one million pounds. You can learn more about Luttrellstown  and its colourful history here.

In Wilson’s Dublin Directory 1801 he is listed as a bookseller at 34 Dawson Street

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