Cork Street Fever Hospital and House of Recovery

Cork Street Fever Hospital and House of Recovery

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On 28th October  1801 a group of men met in Dublin’s Royal Exchange (now City Hall) to discuss their proposal to establish a fever hospital in Dublin. Among those present was Arthur Guinness founder of the brewing empire, members of his family remained involved in the hospital into the 20th century. By 20th November of the same year the group had appointed new trustees,  set up sub committees. advertised for a site and an architect. On 14th May  1804 their hospital, Cork Street Fever Hospital and House of Recovery, admitted its first batch of patients.

1801 page 1. First page of minutes of that meeting.

This site charts its progress from 1801 looking at the medical and social issues faced in the south inner city of Dublin.

Building a Hospital                                      

Running a Hospital

Running a Hospital part 2


Poverty-part 2

Poverty-part 3

Non denominational

Fever over 50 years P1, P2, P3, P4, P5

1808/1809 list of subscribers-who lived where.

The surviving records of Cork Street Fever Hospital are currently held in the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland (RCPI) and consist of typed annual reports and handwritten minutes. They are a mine of information for social and medical researchers.

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